Sustainability is a Priority for the Village

Clean Energy Communities

The Village of Saranac Lake became a designated Clean Energy Community after completing five high-impact projects with the assistance from NYSERDA to be more energy efficent.

The five high-impact projects completed were:

  1. Benchmarking
  2. Clean Fleets
  3. LED Street Lights
  4. Unified Solar Permit
  5. Energy Code Enforcement Training

EV Charging Station

The Village of Saranac Lake has installed an EV charging station at 3 Main St.

Clean vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants that cause smog and acid rain.

LED Street Lights

The Village of Saranac Lake has made a commitment to purchase streetlights from National Grid and convert them to LED lights. By replacing conventional street lights with energy efficient LED technology, the Village of Saranac Lake can reduce street light energy use by as much as 65%, generating cost savings and significant emission reductions. 

Climate Smart Community

The Village of Saranac Lake believes that climate change poses a real and increasing threat to our local and global environments. Thus, the Village of Saranac Lake is dedicated to proactively consider our impact on the environment and where necessary, change our methods, processes, or infrastructure to lessen that impact. We firmly believe that instituting climate change adaptation and resiliency policies will reduce energy costs and improve operational efficiency while building livable, energy-independent and secure communities with vibrant innovative economies.

Climate Smart Communities Certification

The Village has pledged to become a Climate Smart Community.  A Task Force was established to help the village achieve Bronze Certification Level based on the village's commitment to climate action and steps taken to implement climate-smart policies and projects.  For more information visit